Welcome to FB Proxy, the ultimate proxy for unblocking Facebook. Our service has specifically been designed for those who are wishing to visit Facebook, while browsing the internet from a location where it is blocked. Whether this be work, school, or a foreign country with restrictive internet censorship, we believe in freedom online. Our system is very easy to use. Simply type in the url of the website you wish to visit in the URL below, and click go. You will then be sent to the desired webpage, with your connection being routed through our servers. As far as your ISP goes, all they can see is that you're visiting our website.

While our service was specifically designed as a Facebook proxy, with the purpose of unblocking Facebook, it can also be used to visit other websites that are blocked by your network administrator. They could include forums, Twitter, gaming sites and much more.

To begin, type the website url that you wish to visit into the url bar below



Frequently Asked FB Proxy Questions

How Does FB Proxy work?  

FB-Proxy works by routing your connection through our servers before connecting you with the website of your choosing. In doing so, we act as a buffer between your ISP and the website that you're visiting. This allows you to unblock popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

What if I want more security?

If you want better protection while browsing, we recommend using a VPN service.

Can I use it on sites other than Facebook?

Of course. You can use our service on a variety of websites, including Twitter and gaming sites.

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